First off, my friends and family are AMAZING. We are so lucky to have our dads that know how to execute our crazy ideas, a mom that loves to cook and kept us all fed while doing some major heavy lifting, my dads girlfriend (Connie) who made my overgrown garden look spectacular, our very good friends (Ali and Ken) who did so much of everything AND have taken us on as temporary roomates... and certainly not least, my grandparents who were so sweet to bring us a ton of food to keep everyone full for the next few days! We certainly could not have done this without any of them.

 I had no idea that we would make so.much.progress in one day. So much, that I didn't even take pictures of all of it (I plan to do so today) Here is a list of what was accomplished:

  • All carpet pulled / Tack strips removed / Staples removed from hardwoods
  • All doors removed
  • Kitchen Cabinets Removed
  • Greenhouse Removed
  • Wall between Kitchen and Dining Room removed
  • Wall between closet and bath removed
  • Tile from bath removed (Almost) 
  • Closet in hallway removed
  • Foyer gravel cleaned out
  • Overgrown landscaping removed

I think the most exciting for everyone was the removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room. It made the biggest difference to have it all open! 

photo (28).JPG
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