Day One

While we were busy moving out of the Union house during the day, we were able to spend lots of time at the Boston house at night working on our plans. We used painters tape to mask off which areas were going to be removed. Getting the staircase right was the biggest challenge because obviously,  once you cut a hole in the floor there is no turning back. We masked it off and spent a lot of time walking around it and adjusting the size until it was just right. All of the walls with x's are coming down to make for an open layout and cleaner lines.

photo (26).JPG

So, day one (Friday, August 9) it was just my dad and I for most of the day, so we kept it pretty simple. I started tearing carpet out in the bedrooms to find BEAUTIFUL un-touched hardwood floors underneath. Hooray!

 When Brandon got home, he and my dad began tackling the stairs. We ran into a pretty big problem when we realized they didn't line up where we expected in the basement and left the landing running into the wall. After many debates, we decided to simply flip them in the other direction. Not ideal, but ultimately will no longer have to worry about the landing area being up to code. 

photo (27).JPG

Brandon also started taking the tile out of the foyer area....holy huge mess. Our foyer went from ugly to gravel pit in about an hour.

We decided to put the stairs on hold until we took out the walls on the first floor to get a better idea how much space we had to work with....stay tuned.

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