Rachael was an awesome client who chose the virtual option for her mini-session. For those of you who are curious how that works – you simply email me at fairlymodernhome@gmail.com with a message and photos of your room. Once I have determined the photos are of good quality to work with, I will send you a quick form to fill out that helps me to determine your style. In 3-5 days, you will have a room plan, design notes, and pinterest board at your fingertips to execute your plan! 

Rachael and her husband were looking for a mix of their two styles to come together in their sunroom. This is a high traffic area between their garage and house, so flooring options were definitely a must. They had a $1,000 budget, so I had to get a little creative when searching for affordable furniture, floor, and lighting options. 

They were so happy with how it turned out, and I must say – I am, too. Hey, Rachael - you looking for roomates? ;)