Quirky + GE


When I was living in Michigan, the frigid temperatures in the winter made it difficult to maintain my outdoor hot tub. I was new to the game of testing and balancing PH and Acidity levels and found the overall process to be frustrating.

As a UI/UX Specialist at the time, I knew there was an easier way to test readings digitally. The concept was to have a device that would float in your pool or hot tub and send readings to your phone. It would alert you when it needed attention and allow you to dispense the right amount of chemicals as needed.

I created a prototype (formerly named Lilypad) and pitched it to a product development company in New York – Quirky Inc. It was accepted over hundreds of other applicants in the Home Automation category and was quickly moved into development. Over the course of several years, the design of the product and app were developed from the initial concept and it was later pitched and selected to be part of the GE Wink ecosystem.