The most exciting google search this weekend included "How to vent a gas dryer so you don't die". Thanks to the powers of the internets and several trips to Lowes (you will learn how much I despise this store in future posts), we will now be free from carbon monoxide poisoning. Yay! For those of you who are just running that puppy fancy might want to take care of that. 

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is stealing my husbands SUV, getting myself a starbucks, and treasure hunting all over the city. I have done this since I was a child with my mom, so I find it super inspiring AND can bear no shame when I dance around like I just scored a touchdown over a good deal. 

One thing you will see all over my house is little collections of items that I love to curate and change up with seasons or out of boredom. They are always a fun talking point in our house and I often get asked what types of items one could use. I decided to put together boards that will allow you to "get the look" as well. Simply purchase any tray you wish (the ones shown are all from target) and mix it up with new items in my shop! All options are easy to do and super affordable. 

Personal favorite? What the fox tray. Hands down. You better get your bootie to Target before they're gone.