Brown Butter




Built within the enchantment of Eastown in the city of Grand Rapids, MI, "The Windmill" building is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit. It has been home to various small businesses throughout the years – giving many their start to outstanding success. What began as a dream to start something together, sisters Ali Coleman and Gabrielle Rivette spent months in their home kitchen bringing their concept to life. They mastered the art of crepes – inspired by their travels to France – and decided to start with a local food truck to see if their concept could become something more. Working with the talented Graphic Designer and Creative Director, Jenn Maine Scogin – they created their visual identity and began spinning crepes throughout West Michigan. 

There, Brown Butter was born.



After joyful summers of bringing people together who have shared a love for crepes, the sisters decided to extend their passion into a more permanent location. They set their sights on the "The Windmill" building at 1436 Wealthy Street and it was there that Fairly Modern was brought onto the project to help extend their food truck presence into a brick and mortar space through an extension of their visual identity, interior design and experience design.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, I was already familiar with the space and began the design process from my studio in Los Angeles. We started with high level mood boards and worked our way into the details remotely.