The Basement: Details

Now that most of the major projects are complete, we are starting to re-visit each of the "good enough for now" tasks that were left behind. You know, the ones that will keep you up at night, yet no one else would notice? Yeah, those. They drive me crazy!

Our house is constantly evolving. If you were to ask me "what's next?" I will either say "everything" or "it depends on what annoys me that day." A few weeks ago it was our basement storage wall. One minute I was hanging out watching trash tv and then out come the saws and hammers. Being 10PM when I started this, my husband was convinced I had officially lost my mind.

One of the selling points of this house was the basement storage. I absolutely LOVE this wall as it provides built in bookshelves for our growing collection PLUS tons of concealed storage which has been a nice home for crafts and office supplies. We had immediately removed the doors where the open bookshelves are now, but as you can see...they still needed a LOT of love.

This project started off small the night before using some trim I had leftover from another project. Then, as you get going and you find every flaw imaginable. I was determined and it went from a simple paint job to a 3 week night/weekend project that included patching, removing/replacing old hinges and knobs, adding very detailed trim, replacing broken or uneven pieces, sanding, sanding, and more sanding, and several coats of paint. 

BUT...all the hard work paid off. I absolutely love how they turned out and am happy to take a short break from the late nights and the crazy amounts of dust.