An Updated Entry

My husband and I always joke that if he leaves for a couple of hours, I will take down another wall in our house. While no major demo was done, I did make some big progress on our entry way while he was away in New York. This space is small, but as "drop zone" – it needed to be completely functional and contain a lot of storage. I decided to turn our closet into a cubby by removing the door. Call me crazy, but I was determined to put a shoe storage cabinet as this is our biggest issue with the closet. Having a door wouldn't allow for that, so away it went.

I'm still not sure it was the best idea. It shows all of the clutter you would expect in an entry, but I suppose once winter is over it won't be so bad. We put a LOT of work into this tiny lil' space if you remember....there was some old tile that had to be hammered out, a new subfloor, new trim, drywall to replace where the trim was on the door we took out, plaster work, new lighting, and new tile. We added this great cabinet that holds close to 10 PAIRS of shoes, which I love. SO much work, but is such a great little space to kick our shoes off. 


And....ta da! The after.

Side note, one of my favorite pieces is above our mirror. Everything in our house has a little story, but this one was created by Mary Rothisburger called the "hoping machine". It's a good reminder to leave each day working towards our hopes and dreams and only bringing good things home. I've always loved the meaning of this piece and I'm happy it's found the most important spot on the wall.

Angela Satterlee3 Comments