Office Interior: Owl Computing Inc.

I'm allliiivvveeee. It's hard to believe it with how crazy life has been, but all is well! In the world of interiors, I've been busy working on some pretty exciting projects and I just had to share what a hoot this one was. I was recently hired to take on a commercial project – which is all in thanks to a good friend who trusted me to deliver. What a gal. Thanks, Chris! 

I wasn't sure what to expect as I entered this former daycare, but all I could see was potential. The owner, Ryan of Owl Computing, was such a pleasure to work with and was open to any and all ideas (my kinda client!). As a quickly growing company for web and software development – making this a fun, flexible space for different work styles was key. 

I can't even describe to you how insanely big all NINE+ rooms are. This is going to be such a great place to host events, classes, and day to day operations. 

So, are you ready for the reveal?

This is the "main office" which is the first room you will see to your right upon entering. It currently has some old cubicles that were left by the previous owners, but it was important to Ryan to have an open office. I used their logo for a wall graphic, selected furniture and picked out some FLOR tiles to tie everything together.

As for any growing business, being cost conscious was really important. I selected some lovely (and affordable) Turnstone pieces in areas I knew would take on some daily wear and tear and complimented them with more cost effective pieces for storage, etc.

The next room is a mixed use space that will be used as a common area, alternative work space and where events will be held.

I decided to reface the current kitchenette, remove the cabinets above and replace with open shelving to create height and add a bar area that can be used as a standing workspace or the food and beverage station for events. The furniture selected was designed to be completely flexible for work or event space. The walls in this room are chalkboard along the kitchen wall and a recycled magazine grasscloth (SWOON) on the tv wall.


For the workroom, there was already a lot of great natural light, so it just needed a little TLC to make it a space that was fun to work in!


Again, I used selected the Turnstone furniture to tie everything together. I love their Campfire line. It makes selecting a collaborative space so easy! For this room, I kept the left closet as storage and turned the right closet into a print station. 

So, there we have it! The painting is already underway, so I'm excited to see this project progress over the next coming weeks. Congratulations, Ryan on a great space! 

Want to see more? Check out their Pinterest board.

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