1 Year Home-iversary!

Wow. It's hard to believe that one year ago we began on this crazy journey. This blog started as a way for our friends and family to follow along as our home went major renovations and what resulted was an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement to follow my biggest passion. I am so incredibly thankful for a few good friends that let me invade their home and fill it with my crazy ideas (thank you Holly and Molly!). It was this foundation of work and encouragement that Fairly Modern mini-sessions were born! I am so lucky to have met such incredible clients through this process – many of which have become dear friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

This summer has been insanely busy in the very best way. While the blog has suffered a bit, I can assure you the personal home projects and client work are still rolling! After almost a year of using a basement bathroom that looks like it was plucked from an episode of Orange is the New Black, I'm SO thrilled to have our bathroom project 98% FINISHED! While we still have finishing details to wrap up (trim, doors, and a bit of painting)...I can't leave you hanging without some pics.

A huge thank you to my dad for...everything (seriously, everything.) and the awesome Danny Geurink who did all of our tile work. If you're ever in the need for an awesome contractor - he's your guy.

Let's start with the original bathroom. We ended up tearing this entire room out, taking over the original stairs and part of the kitchen to get the space we have today. The left half of this bathroom is now part of our closet. 

You can also see the original plans we had for our bathroom at the beginning...I'm shocked that we stuck pretty close to them!

After the drywall was complete and just before the tile was done...we realized that the plumbing for the vanity was done incorrectly. We did a floating vanity, so the plumbing needed to be moved into the wall....which meant an added drywall repair project. Boo.

Floor tile installed!

Shower Prep. Shout out to my bro-in-law, Curtis Brown for helping Brandon with this while I was gone.

Shower Tile: Credit goes to Danny Geurink on this one!

Paint + Wallpaper Install, by muah.

Vanity Install: We purchased our vanity from IKEA. It was insanely easy to put together and install. With a help of a wooden stand I built to hold it level...it was up in no time.

"Finished"! Curtains shown will be replaced with custom doors, shower will be glass (when budget allows), Trim and a little painting needs to be done as well along with towel bars.

We're not in love with the mirror, but it does the job until we can find another one. I'd love something with a pop of color.

Toilet closet with a preview of the trim:


Wall Storage and full-length mirror...the right door was cracked, so that is being replaced...(sigh). 

Hardware and lighting details...LOVE how the sconces turned out. We have a matching chandelier going up next week which I can't wait for. 

Ta daaaaa! So there you have it. Several months worth on this one, but it's hands down our favorite room so far! 

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