I know, enough with the delayed posts already! I've been plugging away at our basement family room project for about a month now and it's pretty close to being complete! I mentioned before that my workspace was going to be at the kitchen counter, but with the type of work that I do (sketching and wireframes)...it hasn't been great. I like to spend a lot of time working on something and walk away when I get stuck – which also means coming back to where I left off. With this space, I found myself packing everything up at the end of the day to keep the clutter off the counters which really interrupted my workflow. 

Since we have a perfect little nook in the basement - we decided to try this out! After unpacking my home office from our previous house, I don't know what I was thinking completely doing away with an office! I quickly fell in love with the transformation and love this cozy little spot to have some heads down time!

Check out the before and afters below:

There were some cabinets already in this space, so I simply painted them and utilized it for storage. I then made some simple DIY shelves using shelf brackets (that I spray painted) and some pine planks from Home Depot. We still haven't made any decisions on basement lighting, so it's all a little temporary for now, but does the job!