While there wasn't any major progress on the home front, it was a great weekend in the Satterlee house. My dad came over Saturday morning and we went to Home Depot to gather all the materials for various projects we needed to tackle. The biggest was replacing the wood posts in the basement (yep, the ones holding up the beams to our house) with steel. I forgot to bring the drawings that our engineer gave us to HD, so we thought we could go back and get them, swing by Lowes (they are the closest), and pick them up no problem.

Seriously. I don't know why I do this to myself.

Without fail, we left with three posts as instructed by the Lowes employee based on the weight requirement from our engineer, installed them....and BAM. Post bent. Insert some profanities, taking new posts down, old back in...and we have about a half-day wasted and landing right back to square one. The installation of posts meant I could finish painting the floors in the basement, but since I can no longer do that....I reverted back to the shelf project in the kitchen. Which is always a good reason to have two projects going. You can keep momentum and it's a good distraction from being very, very angry about the other failed project. 

For the shelves, we are following this tutorial, but tweaking as we go to get desired sizes and a different under cabinet lighting. It involves carving out pieces of drywall so that we can attach the brackets to the studs. I know it may be over-kill, but let's fast forward to my kitchen being complete (which maybe...never?) and my shelves are filled with all of my REALLY special place settings and china. I'll talk more about this collection later, but needless to say...there will be no possible way for them to come crashing down based on the above process. 


In other exciting news, we also decided on a backsplash tile! We knew we wanted subway, but were having a hard time deciding on which size (there are SO many options!). We both really loved this one and the scale just feels right for how we are using it. You can see my little sketch above and a few ideas for what we would like to do between the tile and the range hood...more on that project later.


I also got around to adding the front panel on the dishwasher. Which seems silly, but after staring at a black box for months...I was pretty pumped. My dad is stopping over to hook it up on Monday, so no more hand washing for us = happy dance.


Between Valentine's Day with the hubby, my bestie's 30th birthday, and a get together for my Grandpa's birthday on Sunday - I would say it was pretty successful! 

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