Welcome to the other side of my blog posts. Yep, this is my little night owl and partner in crime, Frank! I realized after several references that some people might start to think that this is just some dude that lives here, eats weird stuff and licks the couch. So, I thought he needed a formal introduction.


For those of you that go way back with Mr. Frank, you can remember what my life was like when he use to do not-so-cute things like this: 


Thankfully, those days are over and after a summer in doggie bootcamp (literally), he really has grown to be quite the perfect dog.

He is such a huge part of our family that our lives would be pretty boring without him. Without kids – it's safe to say that Frank is pretty spoiled (I mean, really. The dog has his own post) and certainly has the most photos picked out for our photo wall project. He is such a hoot, isn't he? 


So, that's Frank! You will be seeing him much more as the blog continues to grow. He loves to supervise every little thing that we do and keep us within sight at all times, so he's bound to make another appearance as our projects continue. 

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