It was a pretty boring weekend from a home project perspective. The most happenin' thing was a google search on "how to vent a gas dryer so you don't die". Yeah, we've pretty much been going ventless since summer which is pretty stupid, apparently. Thanks to the powers of the internets and several trips to Lowes (you will learn how much I despise this store in future posts), we will now be free from carbon monoxide poisoning. Yay! For those of you who are just running that puppy fancy might want to get it taken care of (see google search). Ah, the things your learn during home ownership.

Anyway, one of my favorite Saturday morning activities is stealing my husbands SUV (ya know, in case I find another sofa we don't need or something), getting myself a Starbucks, and treasure hunting all over the city. I have done this since I was a child with my mom, so it's just a perfect way for me to zen out and feel really, really inspired. UNTIL the moment I lose my freaking mind when spotting a good find. There is NO shame in the touchdown dance from this girl, people. 

So, what do I do with all of these wonderful things you ask? Well, one thing you will notice all over my house is little curated collections on end tables, dressers, our ottoman, and my favorite – trays. They are such a fun talking point in our house and I often get asked how best to put one together or what things should go on it without looking too nick-nacky. 

For this month's "get the look" I decided to start with a basic tray – these are all from Target, but I'm sure you could thrift one or do some hunting at HomeGoods. In case you were wondering, I always like to use a place like Target in my examples because if you want that exact item - it's easy enough to hop in the car and get one. Then, you can spice it up with items from my shop or be inspired to create your own (although, showin' a little love on the shop wouldn't hurt ). They are all fun and super affordable, so have fun!

Personal favorite? What the fox tray. Hands down. You better get your bum over to Target before they're gone.




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