Ok, so remember the post-holiday makeover advice? In addition to taking down the tree and sprucing up with decor, I've really been wanting to bring Brandon's record collection out of the basement. I feel like they've been risked to destruction long enough and I would feel sick if anything happened to them. I know some of you were aware of my no-wall space dilemma, so before you all go and start with your comments in the footer, I'll just lay it all out there.

I put a bookshelf in front of a window. 


Yep, I did it. Bookshelf in front of window, done and done. Now, there was some deep thought into this prior to me hauling a bookshelf and ten boxes of records up the stairs, so just stay with me. The original plan for the living room was to remove the small windows directly right and left of the fireplace (hence why they are still the old windows), add bookshelves, and update the mantle to end up with something like this:


We continually debate this concept due to the loss of natural light, but having more privacy and places to actually put things (cough, more decor!) just makes more sense to me considering we also have double bay windows. Thanks to Jenna from SAS interiors for the reassuring answer to my google search! She recently made a similar decision and informed her readers to pull the shade down first. From the outside – you would never know! 

We're not sure when we will be tackling this project, but it falls somewhere after bathroom, sunroom, basement, and the backyard makeover.

Maybe I should just look into getting another bookshelf.

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