Well, the stair project is finally underway (hooray!). As the rest of the house feels more and more complete, this was certainly becoming an eyesore (and over-sized coat/bag/towel rack) in our living space.


I could only be so much help to my dad on the stairs since this project requires experience and major carpentry skills, so I decided to tackle our kitchen nook that resides next to the staircase. One of our BIG ongoing projects is replacing all of the old trim with new. I absolutely love the trim and it makes a huge difference in the overall aesthetic, but it does take forever. Since I haven't done any windows on my own, I thought this would be a great project to work on because my dad was nearby to answer questions. 

Here is the BEFORE + AFTER progress of our kitchen nook!


And there you have it! I love this little spot as a multi-use space for friends to hang while we're cooking dinner or a place to hang wireframes as I work from home. I'm thinking of adding baskets under the bench for extra storage, so stay tuned as this area progresses!

Angela SatterleeComment