We had originally decided to hold off on the basement (aka man cave), but since it is really open to the rest of the house, we decided to get things rolling. Let me introduce, dumpster No. 3: 


We recycled as much of our home waste as we could, but there was still so.much.plaster that needed to go. We thought this was a great opportunity to remove the carpet and ceiling tiles that were holding a massive smoke/cat pee smell in the house and start working on the basement!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a full picture of the ceiling tiles, but you can sort of see them to the left. We started moving some of our furniture upstairs and worked on half of the basement at a time (shifting furniture as we went.)



One thing I LOVE about the basement is 1. The Fireplace and 2. Full size windows! It really feels like a part of our house rather than a basement. We haven't fully decided on the finishes, but we're thinking about painting the panelling white ( I really like the texture) or we will drywall. We'd also like to do something fun with the fireplace and paint the ceilings black or white.

We are also debating hardwood floors or carpet since there is asbestos tile that we don't want to mess with. This will definitely be a big hangout spot for us and the only room with a TV.

What are your thoughts?



And here is a view from the fireplace looking towards the stairs. I love how the stairs have divided a very awkwardly shaped basement into a main area and a little nook where we can make a small office or something. 

Although plans are still in the air - we are loving how this space is turning out! 

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