My dad has been a HUGE help during this whole process and I can never find ways to thank him enough. Luckily, he's a very simple man, so I keep the refrigerator stocked and make sure he is fed all day. I've really enjoyed spending lots of time with him and it's been years since we've done something with just him and I. I'm learning a ton and we really work well together on things like this. 

Everyday, he gives Brandon and I "homework" which usually involves something like demo, framing, or cutting. My task yesterday was to remove the old stairs from the basement, so I spent my morning doing that before he go there. Since there is no electricity in the basement besides a small lamp, I didn't take a picture, but it looks SO much bigger! Who knew what 3'x12' could really do. Since I got done a little early, I also removed the carpet from that side of the basement. The previous owners smoked in there at some point after we bought it so everything just reeks. I've been told once the carpet is out it will make a world of difference, so I've been itching to remove it.

One project I have been dreading (and putting off) is removing the ceiling in the closet/bathroom. We discovered on Monday that that stupid wall is actually load bearing, so we need to switch the direction of the rafters in that section to support it. This meant that the ceiling had to come down, which also meant another day of insulation. Ugh.  

We actually got creative this time and I pulled the hose through the window, set it to "mist" and as my dad knocked it down – I misted it with water. I couldn't believe how much of a difference that made! 


photo (52).JPG

We also took down all the existing walls to get things ready for framing. This included more of the ceiling and I was SO excited to see more of the attic. If we didn't live in Michigan...we would love to do some sort of loft, but we have to be really careful with the cathedrals because of insulation and how it will effect the roof and efficiency of the house. We are still deciding on a few things, but so far it's still kitchen and bath. 

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photo (51).JPG

While I was at IKEA yesterday, my dad also finished covering the original stairs! That area will now be our bathroom.  Stay tuned for framing tomorrow!

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