I'm still thanking my lucky stars I was able to take two weeks off of work to focus on the move and demolition because I sure as heck needed it!

Today started off a bit slow as we start to determine the best layout for our kitchen. IKEA cabinet sale runs until August 25, so we are on a semi-deadline to get those ordered. I also mentioned the termites...luckily my (future) brother in law is an Orkin man, so he was able to connect us with the right people to eliminate the little buggers.

They haven't caused any major damage and are pretty contained to one area of the basement which was great news. We are officially on schedule to have a full foundation and preventative treatment done over the next couple of weeks. Considering how smoothly everything has gone so far, we consider this a minor bump. Onward and upward!

Did I mention I have the best family and friends ever? We've enjoyed spending time with Ali and Ken as they have generously taken us on as roommates. There is nothing better than a nice hot shower and cozy room to come back to after a day in a war zone.

My sister Alicia also showed up with frozen yogurt and an extra helping hand. We tackled the worse project (the bathroom) and I will be happy to never see another piece of pink tile in my life.  

My dad also came by to plug the pipes so we could take out the sinks and toilet. I think he had a pretty proud father moment as we walked through the door to greet both daughters with sledgehammers in hand. Who needs boys, anyway? ;)

Here is the bathroom progress we made today!


photo (32).JPG
photo (33).JPG
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