Before Tour

Yay for internets! While I've been out of touch, it's been a BIG week for the Satterlee crew. After a 14 hour move day, plus several trips, cleaning, and yard work....we are officially moved out of the Union house! It was very bittersweet (no, I didn't cry), but we are VERY excited about our new digs. 

So, here she is in her mishmash of decades glory...


The Front Exterior

Living Room looking towards fireplace and Rosewood Street

Living Room looking towards Dining/Kitchen/Hallway (Bedrooms + Bath)

Kitchen facing back door/stairs

Kitchen facing living/dining room

Kitchen facing living/dining room

Dining Room connects to living room and sun room

Sunroom...our favorite room in the house.

Master Bedroom with wee little closet.

Bathroom....they were kind enough to leave us with the fish decor ;)

Guest Bedroom...minus carpet + color....this is the only room staying the same.

Basement Family Room

Basement Bathroom

Exterior on Rosewood Street

Exterior back

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