Behind all of this girl power was a TON of help and butt busting from my dad, my future bro-in-law (Curtis), and my sister (Abbie). We were on a tight deadline to get this place insulated before the dry wall guys came and it certainly would not have happened without them. 

It is an incredibly itchy job, so I'm sure they weren't thrilled to hear thats what we'd be doing, but they were total troopers! On top of that...none of us have ever insulated for a cathedral ceiling before. With some advice from Lee and this handy allowed us to get the air-flow we needed to make it happen. 

Needless to say, we learned a ton...and are also glad it's over.

I know I seem totally crazy, but there were a few things I was not willing to learn and drywall/finishing was certainly one of them. Not to mention, as soon as we were finished...the drywall guys started and finished the next day. It was SO crazy to stop home on lunch and have walls! Here are some progress photos:

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