Fairly Modern was born
out a love for design.

We believe that crossing mediums and playing nice with other designers is the way to achieve the best result. After all, good design is good design. Based in Los Angeles, California with roots in Grand Rapids, MI – we have access to some of the best resources in the world. Being inspired and sharing those ideas across the country is what makes us unique. We're a diverse team of go-getters, dreamers, do-ers, and have never met a project we didn't like.


Angela Satterlee

Angela Satterlee is a Los Angeles based, Midwest raised designer with experience across various mediums. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design, her career started in Creative Direction – with a strong focus on Marketing and Brand Development. This led her to a tech agency where she specialized in User Experience Design for Fortune 500 companies. Utilizing her time outside of work, Angela dove into many passion projects including two extensive home renovations which led to the unexpected success of her blog, Fairly Modern.

Today, Angela has received her Masters of Design degree and is living her dream in California. She has founded a collaborative studio that utilizes her skills in Interior and Graphic Design to bring holistic and conceptual solutions to her Residential and Commercial clients. Her visual language simplifies concepts and creates a clearly defined plan with a beautiful, West Coast influence and Midwest budget.